Propaedeutic course

Propaedeutic Course

The Faculty of Chemistry offers the three-week propaedeutic course “Chemtroduction”, which is supposed to help you all to get on the same level of knowledge. It consists of two parts. The first two-week part covers basics in chemistry and consists of online presence days and online work from home.

The subsequent one-week part deals with mathematics during lectures and accompanying exercises.

The propaedeutic course usually takes place in September/October. All further information will be published on the faculty’s website.

During this time we will already offer you the first joint activities so that you can get to know each other better. Of course we will be at your disposal for questions and problems.

Mo, 27.09.21: A quick introduction in the first online lecture!

Mi, 29.09.21: 19:00 Online games night via Discord

Mi, 06.10.21: 16:00 BBQ on campus next to MN27

Mi, 13.10.21: Bar night (Pickup point 19:00 at the Gänseliesel)

The prescribed 3G rules apply to all student council events during the Propaedeutic course and O-Phase.

Therefore, please remember to bring the appropriate proofs to the meeting points of the event. Without such, unfortunately, participation in the event is not possible.

We point out the free tests offered by the university in the Campus-Covid-Screen.

See you then,

Your student council

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