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Equality and anti-discrimination work

Have you ever been excluded because of your appearance? Or did you notice that someone was treated unfairly because of their gender? Has anyone in the faculty bothered you verbally or physically?

If you have experienced or observed discrimination in the university and especially in the chemistry faculty, the university offers various options for reporting this. The University of Göttingen has set up an anti-discrimination advice service for students, where you can, for example, report discrimination using an online registration form. The reports are recorded anonymously by the anti-discrimination counseling service and you can decide for yourself how your concern should be followed up. If you wish, you can also get feedback or seek advice. You can find more information on the subject in the “Guide to Dealing with Discrimination” from the University of Göttingen.

In the Faculty of Chemistry, there is also a point that you can always turn to in the event of discrimination: the faculty’s decentralized equality team. Nele, Malte, Caro and Marga are currently student representatives in the equality team. If you do not want to contact the equality team directly, you can first talk to us without obligation. Together we can then consider what further steps could be. Even if you are unsure whether your concern is something that should be reported, just speak to us!

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how the faculty can be made more diverse and less discriminatory, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can then bring your suggestions to the equality team.

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