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Statement of 14.05.2020

Deat chemistry students,

Due to the many inquiries about the exam dates, we would like to make the process of our current studnet council work transparent:

Due to the restrictions at the university, the committees in which we usually participate as student representatives, such as the faculty council and the study commission, have only been meeting provisionally or not at all since mid-March. For this reason, a crisis team was set up by our faculty, consisting of representatives of the Dean of Studies and the professorial staff. We students were consulted on many current issues such as the design of exams, lab work or other concerns and were able to represent the student point of view. We were not involved in the actual decision-making process. So far, we have had very positive experiences with this cooperation and have been able to contribute our concerns constructively.

With regard to the planning of the master course exams, we have repeatedly expressed our concerns about the now published planning and also pointed out alternatives. In the end, however, the crisis team decided in favor of this solution after considering all options. Although this exam plan has already been published, everyone involved is still in further discussions and trying to adapt it. Also, through your feedback, we can now have this discussion on a broader basis.

We hope that this insight will help you understand our current situation a little better. We are always open to constructive criticism and suggestions from you. (Contact)

In this context, we would also like to ask you to provide honest feedback to the evaluation we have enforced, so that the teaching that takes place can be further improved.

Your chemistry student council
(as of 14.05.2020)

Previous statements

Statement about gender neutral language in the student council (20.01.2020)

Dear students,

We, the Chemistry Student Council, would like to apologize for the fact that our list name “Die Chemiker” in this year’s elections has led to students at our faculty feeling discriminated against.
We are aware that the generic masculine leads to women being linguistically disregarded and that such a gender assignment unconsciously perpetuates an outdated gender order. Since the Faculty of Chemistry considers equality and diversity to be one of its central tasks, and language does not determine perception but does guide it, the use of gender neutral language is one way of contributing to gender equality, which is why “Die Chemiker” will no longer be used externally as an umbrella term for all students of our faculty with immediate effect. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change our list name for this year, but we assure you to replace it in the future with a name that does not create gender expectations and by which all students of our faculty feel represented and respected!
We take the feedback we have received on this topic very seriously, which we want to make clear with this statement, and promise to be more deliberate about how we name events, for example, in the future. If you think of more to say about the topic, or if something bothers you, don’t hesitate to let us know! Feel free to send us an email (, talk to us in person or use our mailbox in the foyer in front of MN27. We gratefully accept your feedback and are happy to forward it to the Dean’s Office, or as in this case, to the decentralized Equal Opportunity Team of the Faculty of Chemistry.

Your Chemistry Student Council

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