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Information on studying

At the beginning most of the things in the university and city of Göttingen are pretty new to you. Therefore, we have put together a few tips on this page where you can get information about the campus, the faculty and the city and which should help you to find your way around at the beginning of your studies.

Freshmen Book

We have put together the most important information about the events and the course of the 1st semester and the rooms of the faculty for you. You can also find out at a glance where you have to register at StudIP.

Faculty tour

Maite, Charlotte and Marga show you the faculty and all the important ways and places to find your way there.

The North campus

Here is a small animation about the north campus, which is usually shown at the closing event of the north campus rally. We would like to thank Vincent from the FSR Physics for creating the video.

City and campus tour

On the Youtube channel “Studienbeginn 2020 Uni-Göttingen” of the University of Göttingen there are a few videos on the digital city and campus tour, as well as some technical instructions. You can find a small sample here – more on Youtube!

Study, Living, StudIP and FlexNow

The University of Göttingen has put together for you information about studying, living and dwelling in Göttingen, as well as some explanatory videos for registration and use of StudIP and FlexNow. You can find all of this under the following link:

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