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Statement: Gendern

Dear students,

On the occasion of this, we, the Chemistry Student Council, would like to apologize for the fact that our list name “Die Chemiker” in this year’s elections made students feel discriminated against in our faculty.

We are aware that the generic masculine leads to the fact that women are not linguistically taken into account and that such a gender allocation unconsciously consolidates an outdated gender order. Since the Faculty of Chemistry sees equality and diversity as one of its central tasks, and language does not determine perception, but does guide it, the use of gender-sensitive language is one way of contributing to gender equality, which is why “Die Chemiker” is an umbrella term for all students of our faculty will no longer be used externally with immediate effect. Unfortunately it is not possible to change our list name for this year, but we assure you that in the future we will replace it with a name that does not create any gender-specific expectations and through which all students in our faculty feel represented and respected!

We take the feedback we have received on this topic very seriously, which we want to make clear with this letter and promise to give us more advice in the future on how we should name events, for example. If you can think of more on the subject, or something bothers you, don’t hesitate to let us know! Write us an email (, speak to us personally or use our mailbox in the foyer in front of MN27. We are grateful for your feedback and are happy to forward it to the Dean’s Office or, as in this case, to the decentralized equality team of the Faculty of Chemistry.

Your chemistry department

Our self-image

Our principles for our fellow students

  • Service from students for students: We offer our fellow students social events and study-related services.
  • Better study conditions: We are committed to the sustainable improvement of study and learning conditions at the faculty.
  • Mediating body between the student body and the university: We see ourselves as a mouthpiece between the student body, faculty and university.
  • Open information policy: On request, we explain to our fellow students which projects we are currently working on.
  • Party political neutrality: We take our responsibility seriously regardless of political or ideological views and behave in an externally neutral manner.

Our principles for the student council

  • Developing personalities and skills: We strengthen the individual in their work and focus on their individual skills.
  • Promote and demand commitment and passion: We motivate individuals to actively participate in the student council.
  • Mutual help and motivation: We help each other with problems and support each other in the implementation of projects.
  • Tolerance and (party-political) neutrality: We accept each individual and behave in a party-politically neutral manner.
  • Transparency: We involve each individual in decision-making and disclose information.
  • Democratic decision-making: We mostly agree on approaches and form democratic opinions on controversial issues.

Our principles for work in bodies and commissions

  • Representation: We reflect the opinion of the students.
  • Democracy: We emphasize the majority of opinions and accept these votes.
  • Feedback with the plenary: We always try to coordinate as many decisions as possible with the plenary.
  • Open study conditions: We generally reject restrictive study conditions and advocate for the most unconditional study possible.
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