Studying chemistry will equip you with knowledge in the three main fields: organic, anorganic and physical chemistry.
Main research topics in physical chemistry are e.g. kinetics, thermodynamics, macromolecular chemistry, spectroscopy and theoretical chemistry.
Organic chemistry deals with e.g. biomolecular chemistry, the synthesis of naturally occuring substances and catalysis.
Current research fields in anorganic chemistry in Göttingen are catalysis, boron chemistry, bioanorganic catalysis and materials science.

One main advantage of studying chemistry in Göttingen is the broad range of speciality fields one can choose from. Some examples are biophysical chemistry, biochemistry, petrochemistry, physics and materials science.
Below we present the currently available majors.

Bachelor course

Within a standard period of study of six semesters, you learn all the basics of chemistry.

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Master course

During the standard period of four semesters you focus on some of fields of your choice and specialize.

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In the two subjects’ Bachelors programme, you study two majors to become a teacher.

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An exquisite source of information is of course the official site of the faculty of chemistry.

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